Welcome to EPIC (Enterprise Property Information Center)

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Go to To Access EPIC

If you have an Enterprise ID and are registered in EPIC, click here to access EPIC.

Go to To Register for EPIC Access

If you have an Enterprise ID, need access to EPIC, and are a Managed or Franchised associate, click here to register for EPIC.

Go to To Register for an Enterprise ID (EID)

If you need to register for an Enterprise ID (EID), go to Marriott Global Source®.

  1. You will be notified via e-mail when your EID request has been processed by ISSS.
  2. When you receive your Enterprise ID (approximately 3 business days), go to http://epic.marriott.com to register for EPIC access.
  3. EPIC registration takes 2 business days after EPIC receives notification from your approver.

Need Help? Already have an Enterprise ID, but you forgot it or forgot your password? Just need assistance logging in? click here